Features and Benefits of the

Real Estate Investors Portfolio Policy 

I recently  had a potential  client ask me "besides the low rate, what other benefits  does this policy give me?"


My response  was as follows:



I am providing a quick list of features and benefits of this policy that my other investors seem to love.

Remember, "I work for you not the insurance company."

That is not idle talk, I really do work for you, I am not afraid to work late or weekends to provide the service you want and deserve.

    One Policy (easier to control)

    One Low Monthly Payment (not a bookkeeping nightmare)

    One Renewal Date

    One Agent (I have been licensed since 1968)

    No Payment Due at Escrow, you can add additional properties without paying a full year in advance. Your next monthly bill will change by 1/12 of the annual premium.

    When you remove a property from the policy, you don’t have to wait 30 days or longer for your return of unused premium because you are paying monthly. Your next monthly bill will be adjusted accordingly.

     In most cases, when you need to add a property all we need to start is the address.

     We can usually provide a Quote and Evidence Of Insurance within an  hour.

    Unlimited number of 1-6 family dwellings written on one policy

    Basic, Broad or Special Form available

    Tenant occupied, Vacant, or Mixed Use dwellings

    Individual dwelling limit up to $1M

    Premises Liability option of $1M aggregate limit 2x

    $100k, $300k or $500k for homes over 35 years - if updated may qualify for higher limits

    Replacement Cost available for buildings 30 years or newer

    Coinsurance options 80%, 90% or 100%

    Deductibles from $500 to $25,000

    Business Income available

    Scheduled equipment

    Fuses acceptable

    Swimming Pools, spas, and hot tubs written without liability

    Vicious dogs and exotic pets written without liability

    Day Care written without liability

    Dwellings over 60 years of age require updates to heating, wiring, plumbing, and roof

    No age limit

    Out of park mobiles & condos ok

    Vacant residential land can be added for liability only

    One other benefit is that when this policy is issued and you cancel all of your old policies you will probably get substantial refunds from all of those policies.

    It just helps you keep more money in your pocket rather than tied up in insurance premiums.

   Besides the ten plus policy, I also write low cost flood insurance. Believe it or not, National Flood is not the only nor the lowest cost flood provider.

I can also provide Earthquake Insurance with rates lower than California Earthquake Authority.